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John Ackerman: johna@mbacorp.net     (414) 881-1514

John started in this industry in 1989 working in the wholesale end of the business.  His financial knowledge keeps MBA’s future secure in the uncertain global economic roller coaster.  His marketing expertise allows MBA to bring our manufacturer’s products to market in a timely manner.  John’s product knowledge across the variety of industries we serve makes him valuable in both inside and outside sales.

Mark J. Krumnow, P.E.:  markk@mbacorp.net     (414) 702-0685

Mark, a Professional Engineer started in the industry in 1979.  Mark has experience on the manufacturing side of the business in all aspects of residential, commercial and industrial HVAC, Indoor Air Quality, lighting, security, product manager, and performance contracting. Abilities developed include design, troubleshooting, seminars, competitive analysis, and commercial proposals. 

Mark brings 30 years of electronic and HVAC control experience. This experience enhances MBA’s ability to offer professional product seminars and system designs.

Phil Hrenak: philh@mbacorp.net     (920) 212-0450

Phil started in this industry in 1987.  His experience ranges from inside sales and service at the wholesale level to being out in the field as a contractor.  Prior to starting at MBA Phil was the Hyrdronic’s manager at major multi location wholesaler.  His expertise includes Forced Air, Hyrdronics, Refrigeration, GEO, Solar and seminars. This experience and skill set makes Phil a valuable outside salesmen for our organization.

Brad Hess:  bradh@mbacorp.net    (262) 757-3468

Brad started in the industry in 1995.  Brad spent his early years on the contracting side in both HVAC and plumbing.  His experience on the contracting side had exposure to new construction, existing retrofit, and service work.  Brad took his experience on the contracting side, and applied it to several years in the wholesale distribution side in both HVAC and plumbing.  While spending time in wholesale distribution Brad had different positions over the years ranging from branch management, outside sales, and design.  Brad’s experience helps in supporting contractors, wholesale distribution, performing seminars, and meeting with engineers.

Bonnie Nicely: bonnien@mbacorp.net     (414) 481-0505

Bonnie started in this industry at the manufacturing level in 1981.  Bonnie’s years of industry related customer service make her an anchor for our inside sales team. Technical expertise, accurate pricing, and on-time delivery is what our customers have come to expect from MBA and Bonnie consistently provides this to our customers.

Patti Race: pattir@mbacorp.net     (414) 481-0505

Patti started in this industry with a manufacturer in 1993. Communication skills, general office, and computer knowledge allow Patti to provide strong support for both MBA’s customers and manufacturers. Patti, like Bonnie offers technical expertise, accurate pricing, and on-time delivery to better serve our customers.

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