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Pump theory

Flow - Technically flow describes the volume of liquid pumped within a given period of time ....Learn more

Head - Technically, head means meters of water column ...Learn more

Pressure- Pressure can be defined as an adapted measurement of pump performance ...Learn more

Density - Density expresses how heavy a liquid, gas or solid is ...Learn more

Viscosity - Viscosity is commonly perceived as "thickness", our resistance to "pouring" ...Learn more

Power consumption - The word power can have many meanings. When focusing on power in connection with a pumps, it is often in relation to the power consumption of a pump ...Learn more

Pumps and pump operation - Choosing the most energy-efficient solution sets the foundation for dramatic savings on operating costs ...Learn more

Adaptation - Imagine that you drive a car and you regulate the speed of the car by stepping on the brakes while you keep stepping on the speed ...Learn more

Cavitation - In most cases where a Grundfos pump has a premature failing, the reason is to be found in the installation. Some of the worst failures are caused by cavitation ...Learn more

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